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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 @ 9:54:00 PM
Time really flies, and it has already come to the second last day of 2009.
This year was such a fruitful, chaotic, stressful year,
I think this year i had experienced a lot of things, and had took note of a lot of learning points.
I really got a lot of opportunities this year,
planning events,
leading people etc.
I think all this won't be possible without the people that gave me this chance.
And i sincerely thank all the people who has given me this chance.

Thanks to all the teachers that have been giving me full support, especially those who gave me pointers of how to handle certain things.
I really thank all the people who had gone through hardships, pains, laughter, and a lot a lot of joyful moments with me.

I believe that i will have greater responsibility next year, more priorities to be set on.
And i told myself that i will really work hard in everything i do,
regardless of CCAs, studies.
There are teachers who told me "you reap what you sow",
and i believe that there is nothing in this world that you can achieve/get without hard work.

Next year will be finally reaching my greatest fear for now, O'levels.
which i think i really need to set this as my first priority, regardless of what.
I really hope that i can do well, really.

Every year, we will definitely be experiencing some first times,
and this are things that is worth to remember.
like doing jetty jump, that was really the first time i did it, jumping into the sea.
This year was also my first time celebrating christmasss!!!(and it was a memorable one)
I think this year i also broke the number of camps per year that i attended.
there are still a lot more but not to mention now.

Anyway, i must say that i am not ready for 2010,
not ready for school,
i have been going back to school almost everday except for weekends,
for Band, SC etc.
But i guess all the hardships that i had gone through,
sweat that had dripped from me will never go to waste,
as this is really a good start to prepare me for my future.
but i really need some time to rest, to re-charge myself,
before the new school term starts.

There are a lot of highlights for next year, that will make me busy like a bee!

Sec 1 Orientation 2010
Sec 1 CCA performance(band)
Friendship Day(will be handing for the juniors to lead, and we will guide.)
SYF 2010(Outdoor Band), which i will give my heart and soul to .
O'LEVELS, the final showdown i can say, in my secondary school life.


I think i will stop here,
i may or may not post my new year resolutions for next year,
as last year i said i will post it,
but in the end did'nt.