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move forward.
Thursday, January 22, 2009 @ 8:21:00 PM
long time no post..
many things happened this days.
but i don't want to talk about it.
manage to past my a-math no .1 test.
but geography...
had re-test today.
hope that i can do well in the re-test.

cross country tomorrow.
i wanna run ..
but ..
actually is a long long story.
there are two person involved
person X and Y
x was in charge to find ppl to do marshall duty
then X told Y to find.
Y wrote my name down as i not running for class..
then in the end i couldn't run..
(it was me who was unlucky, i won't blame Y)

that all for now.. chinese new year in a few days time..

countdown to the ox year : 3 more days!
i won't be updating my blog nowadays.
too busy for that!
Saturday, January 10, 2009 @ 6:48:00 PM
wow... it's been days that i ever post.
taggs replies:
> serene : i will do that soon.
> mr ivan : good luck to you too! hope that everything will go well in your life!
> qing ling: ya lors.. i miss that too!

1 JAN 2009

countdown-ted till 2 am on 31 dec 2008.
i said that i wanna post my new year resolutions.
but i am too busy to think of it.

2 JAN 2009

School Re-openss!!!
went to school for sec 1 orientation.(didn't get to wear long pants on first day of sch.)
saw the sec 1's ..
i can say that they were much more hyper on the first day
as compared to the previous batch.
play-ed ice breakers with them..
and then mass dance.

5 JAN 2009

sec 1 orientation day 2
the sec 1's were very super hyper that day!
they had their mass games that day.

i was running here and there!
then the sec 1's had their mass dance performance.
followed by their cheering competition.
orientation ended.
although the whole event including the preparation was tiring.
but i still enjoyed myself!
Stayed to do the NPCC banner
till 6 plus .
then went to staff room chit -chat with teachers
till 7 plus then went home.

well done sl's!

6 JAN 2009

finally went to school for lessons.
(bag so heavy)
met new teachers.
but all the teachers are still ok..
went for band.
conductor was angry that day.
cause of attendance..

7 JAN 2009

slept at 1 am yesterday cause of homework.
(bag still very heavy)
stayed back to complete banner for NPCC
till 6 plus.

8 JAN 2009

met mdm azizah today.
she was really funny!
got CCA registration for sec2 - 4
join-ed environmental club too.
after that went for band again .
combined rehersal with fancy drill.
till 7 plus then pack up go home.
very tired.

9 JAN 2009

perform-ed for the sec 1's to see.
wasn't really that sucessful for the songs.
esp the light of dawn.
but nvr mind.
we will work even harder .

today 10 JAN 2009

perform-ed for the parents and students today.
we did very well.
much more better then yesterday.
this year NPCC and NPCC band recruited around 72 ppl.
well done!

that's all for now!