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Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 8:43:00 PM
it have been quite a long time since i had blog-ged.
many activities and events were happening which cause me to have very least time on the computer.
i will be updating on events, camps and stuffs for today.

9th - 11st March 2009.
Sec 1 and 3 Level Camp

i went for the sec 1 camp this year.
i was appointed to class 1n2.
we were named integrity.
i made a lot of friends throughout this whole camp.
the instructors and students,
they were really a bunch of nice and fun people.
we played together.
we sang together
we cheered together.
and the most important thing is that we learnt together.
there were some people who left a very deep impression in me.
NO. 1 : Instructor Saufi and Rafi.(both of them were fun!!)
NO.2 : LINUS LEE (a hyper-active one, he really did a great job as a emcee during the performance)
NO.3 : NADIA( the bowler during the peformance)
NO.4 : NATASHA(the ever-shouting girl, well done in leading the cheers!)

well done guys! you did a great job!
best group goes to INTEGRITY 1N2!

17th March 2009
Junior Environmental Ambassador 1-Day Camp.

went for the JEA training.
at the start, we did a skit about doing something to help the environment.
next, we went to Temple of Thanksgiving.
it is a temple which has source of eletricity and water
through solar energy and wind energy.
i really salute the old man who is IC for this .temple
he has contributed a lot to save eletricity and water.

i will continue my post tomorrow, gtg now